Extreme Networks Fabric Connect Workshop | Houston, TX

Event Overview

In this workshop you will learn the essentials of the underlying technology of Extreme Fabric Connect – 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging with MAC-in-MAC encapsulation – and Extreme’s specific extensions which enhance Fabric Connect for Layer 3 routing flexibility, automation, and IP Multicast routing simplicity. Class size is limited to twelve students so sign up today!


Introduction Secure and Automated Network

  • Secure Automated Network overview
  • Fabric Connect Value solution points

Hands-on Workshop: Extreme Fabric Connect technology overview

  • Theory of Operation
  • Control Plan
  • Data Forwarding Plane
  • Service Description details 
  • L2 VSNs / intro to the ISID
  • Tandem replication
  • Native IP switching – IP shortcuts
  • L3 VSNs
  • Multicast
  • Migration overviews
  • Hands-on lab review

Hands-on Workshop: Utilizing Extreme VSP Routing Switches with Fabric Connect

  • SPB – 802.1ah Shortest Path Bridging node set up
  • NNI adjacencies
  • LSDB View
  • IP shortcuts
  • L2VSN setup
  • L3VSN setup
  • Automated configurations via Fabric Attach
  • Multicast 


Students are expected to bring their own PC laptops for use in the labs, and the PC laptops should be equipped with RS232 serial ports (either inbuilt or external USB RS232 adapters) and with a terminal program such as PuTTY in order to perform initial configuration through equipment console ports.